Sold my 510

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Sold my 510

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I’ve been holding off writing this post as it makes the reality of the situation even that much more real and final. Per the title, I have sold my 510, that’s the short story. The long story is a little tougher to talk about, but in telling it I hope that it helps me move on.

About 4 years ago, I started on a journey to lead a healthier life. I got my head straight(er) and started being more active. I was quite overweight when I started, the pounds were flying off and I was feeling really good about myself … but, and there’s always a but, there was something not quite right. 6 months into my journey I went to my doctor to get to the bottom of it and after 6 months of tests and specialists I was told that I have a progressive form of MS. In a way (at the time) it was a relief as it helped explain a few other minor issues I had also been dealing with but assumed were related to my previous lifestyle. Where my MS affects me most is that I am losing the use of both my right leg and arm. There’s much more to my MS issues than that but for the story and enjoying the 510 this is the biggest one. Big thanks to local Realm’r, Zkar Jim, who helped me get the car back on the road that summer so that I could at least try to enjoy it. Can’t say enough good things about him, the nicest people drive Datsun’s. Since then, my attention has been mostly focused on learning to live with my new friend.

This leads me to my decision to sell it. It caused a lot of anxiety but I offered it to one of my nephew’s and he jumped at the opportunity (he put his Harley up for sale to help pay for it). He’s already been lurking on here looking for information, chances are that he will join at some point.

Well, that’s the story.
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Re: Sold my 510

Post by bertvorgon »

PM sent.
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Re: Sold my 510

Post by gooned »

Thanks for sharing Trevor, we never know what cureball life will throw us next, tough to move on but hopefully you have some great memories as that is what all this seems to lead to.

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