4 piston calipers

Suspension, including wheel, tire and brake.
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Re: 4 piston calipers

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okayfine wrote: 07 Mar 2012 08:04 There is no easy way. The Nissan 4-pots need serious inside-wheel clearance as well, and generally only fit with FWD-offset stuff.

Easiest way to fit 4-pots to ZX struts:

DQ Volume 5 Issue 3 - Bigger Brakes, Wider Track - The 280ZX front brake upgrade is a great way to improve your 510’s stopping. A drawback is the loss of front track width, which can cause wheel to strut tube interference and necessitate the use of spacers and longer studs. We’ll show you how to improve on this set-up further and restore the front track width to almost stock.

But that doesn't account for your wheel offset.

Is there anyone in the 510 community that still makes or could make the bracket for the wilwoods described in the DQ Volume 5 Issue 3? I know a lot of companies straight up offer brackets as part of their kits but may try and piece it together like in DQ.
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Re: 4 piston calipers

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Saw your PM, refreshed my memory in the thread. The bracket I created and used with that combo (ZX strut, Z31 11" rotor, Wilwood caliper) is dead easy to make. Flat sheet of steel, four holes, angle-grinder for the shape. Dimensions are in the article.

But to answer your question, I didn't know of anyone making that bracket (again, for that setup). A few places were making a different bracket, presumably to fit Wilwoods on the ZX 9.9" rotors. These days, I've been outside the Datsun world too long to know what's what with sellers now.

Also, for anyone that doesn't know and is looking, all the old DQs (and all the other national newsletters) are available at The510Archives, free.
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