SOLD: Street Legal 1972 4-door 510 EFI L18 Tarmac Rally Car

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SOLD: Street Legal 1972 4-door 510 EFI L18 Tarmac Rally Car

Post by Derek » 16 Jan 2015 14:48


This has taken a lot of consideration to get to this point, and you will be able to tell from this ad that this car means a lot to me, so believe me when I say this isn't taken lightly!

For Sale: Street Legal 1972 4-door 510 EFI L18 EFI Tarmac Rally/Track/Canyon/Back Road car - $16,500

Located in San Francisco, California. There's lots to read here, but if you have any other questions, contact me by email for more information -- PMs are harder for me to keep track of.

Gallery of photos taken January 2015 (2016 plate sticker was put on just afterwards): ... 6Mb0zLCyCw








Original SF Bay Area car sold by Ray Cokeley Volvo Datsun in Oakland (still wearing the license plate frame). Bought in 2003 in Oakland and driven home to Vancouver. I moved with it to the Bay Area in 2007 where it was prepped for Targa Newfoundland and finished 9th overall at the event. Since then it's been used as an occasional canyon road and track toy.

Over a decade of development by a mechanical engineer who now works in the performance vehicle industry. Work also done by legendary 510 shops Specialty Engineering in New Westminster, BC and Ermish Racing in the the Bay area. Lots of custom parts (owner or shop fabricated) and well thought out modifications. Set up for stage rallying with computer and intercom. Stacks and stacks of receipts totaling tens of thousands of dollars. Hundreds of photos documenting its history since 2003. California Registration current to January 2016. Will help with arranging shipping within North America if necessary.

Homologated “stock” L18 block makes it a good choice for many racing classes. Take it back to Targa Newfoundland, or make some changes (13” wheels and carbs for example) and run the Carrera Panamericana. Pull the EFI system (sell for $) install carbs and go vintage racing. Pull the L18 and sell it to a vintage racer and build up something with a bunch of HP and enter it as a Pikes Peak Vintage Class car, or a make a superb NHA OSPU/O Hillclimber. Take it tarmac stage rallying at the Empire State Performance Rally. It is too nice for me to gravel rally or drift, but if it’s your car, do what you like. If you want to get crazy, it would make an excellent vintage Baja car for the Mexican 1000!

Street legal, raw, reliable, and great fun to drive. Its new owner will be happy.

Asking Price: $16,500

Yes, this is a lot of money for a 4 door, but it is a very specific type of build and my hope is that it is exactly what the next owner is looking for. I believe this to be a fair price considering its condition (I've helped friends look for 510s to buy recently -- yikes!), documented history and development. It is way less money than building the care again (race car economics) never mind making it all work together. It should be mentioned that all factory rally 510s and the BRE Baja car were 4-doors. The price also includes a second set of Watanabes and all the other parts listed below.

The car will be available to be shown in SOMA district of San Francisco starting January 20th, or if you happen to be at the 24 hours of Lemons at Sonoma Raceway this weekend it will be there as well. Contact me by email for more information on how you can see it in person.

Targa Newfoundland 2007 finished 9th Overall ... Press0.htm
Cover Car, Dime Quarterly Volume 8, Issue 3 ... A5ODA1YjU1#

Historical photos
2010-2014 - California and Oregon Track Days and Road Trips ... 2bfm2bzhRQ
2007-2009 - To California and Targa and Back Again - Cage Install, Rally Prep and Rally Photos ... 79C0gcGbSA
2005-2006 - Paintwork, Rear Suspension and Brakes Overhaul, EFI Installation ... vq2rsr6gJw
2003-2004 - The Beginnings: Car as purchased, Engine Bay Paintwork, 1st try at an Engine Build (rebuilt by Ermish Racing in 2007) ... t9Db1uHBQQ

Evading a 330hp Mitsubishi EvoX @ Sonoma
Targa Newfoundland:
Targa Newfoundland:
Cascade Lakes Hillclimb 2008:
Thunderhill November 2013
Thunderhill Reverse passing a Turbo Esprit on R-Compounds:
Thunderhill Reverse chasing E36 M3:
Being chased by a Lotus Elise @ Thunderhill ... authorName

The details:

  • - Built by Ermish Racing summer 2007, approx 25,000 miles ago
    - L18 from 1973 Datsun 1800 (Canadian 610) bored .060 over creating 1812CC total displacement
    - 86mm bore OEM ZX flat-top pistons - creating approx 10:1 compression ratio that is good with California 91 octane
    - Balanced L18 crank and rods - ready for high RPM
    - Closed chamber A87 Head with port work by Specialty Engineering and then Rebello - ... d_ID_2.htm
    - .516 Lift 290 duration cam spec’d by Troy Ermish
    - Nismo cam gear - for cam timing adjustment
    - Z-car internal spray bar - essential lubrication for higher lift cams ... hoto=13604
    - Ishihara-Johnson crank scraper - fewer windage losses, keeps oil in oil pan
    - Dynoed at 121hp at the wheels at Z-Car garage in San Jose
    - Does not consume oil even during hard running
Fuel/Induction System
Custom programmable system with high quality components. Ready for motor upgrades if desired Exhaust Engine accessories Driveline
  • - Lightened 5-bolt flywheel by Specialty Engineering
    - Roadster clutch
    - Smooth shifting 1983 280ZX 5 Speed with upgraded shift bushings
    - Rare Hybrid 4.11 R160 (made from open 4.11 and 3.7 CLSD) with Subaru Clutch LSD with Subaru LSD sticker - lightweight LSD solution with a great ratio for high revving motors
    - Long M12x1.5 ARP wheel studs
    - Gorilla 13/16" Lug Nuts
Exterior & Unibody
  • - Repainted from stock white to Honda Championship White (Integra type-R) in January 2006. Very well documented in photos of all parts of the process.
    - Current condition: 8.5/10 with a patina of remote road and track (stone chips mostly), spider crack in rear quarters (impact inside trunk carrying gear to the track)
    - Chrome: All factory parts present minus bumper over-riders, OK condition, pitted, fairly straight.
    - Rust free - Lived in the bay area (east bay and then the east side of the city) for 39 of its 43 years.
    - Garage kept since 2003.
    - Minor rust repair in drivers floor board during paint.
    - Body modifications:
    • - Shaved Antenna
      - Shaved rear markers
      - Front JDM markers
      - Round non-bullet fender mirrors from Datsun 411
      - Shaved and moved badges, badges installed with 3M VHB tape (no holes)
      - Shaved licence plate lights (plate lit by lighted bolts)
      - Shaved passenger side door lock
      - Rolled fenders
      - Front tow loop through front valence
Wheels and Tires (two sets)
  • - Duplicolor HWP105 Bronze 14x6.5 +14 Watanabe RS-8 (B Face) Bronze with worn 195/55R14 Toyo T-1Rs
    - Grimspeed (BBS) Gold 14x6.5 +14 Wantabae RS-8 (B Face) with 50% 185/60R14 Dunlop Direzza Z2 Star Specs, one wheel with curb rash (Gander NL curbs!), one tire flat with a nail in the shoulder :(
    - 10mm custom billet 6061 front Spacers
Interior Suspension
The car is set up for road and track use with a realistic usable ride height for suitable for bumpy canyon roads or SF city driving. Spring length has been optimized for maximum suspension travel with no spring stacking. The car is very well balanced and handles beautifully right up to and past the edge of traction Steering Brakes Electrical Additional, Uninstalled and/or Spare Parts
  • - Custom fabbed 3/16" 6061 Aluminum skid plate and mounting hardware
    - 1/8" UHMW underbody armor for fuel pump area
    - 4X Sparco mud flaps ... ckers.html
    Oil filters, spare U-joints, half worn brake pads.
    - Yakima rain gutter roof rack towers with wooden dowel crossbars and surfboard pads -- suitable for light loads
    - Trunk kit
    • - Scissor Jack
      - Spare fuel cap
      - Spare oil cap
      - Spare rad cap
      - Spare fan belt
      - Spare Fuse box fuses
      - Spare high current battery fuse
      - Spare oil pan bolt
      - 3x spare lug nuts
      - Spare tail light
      - Spare rotor
    - Spare Terratrip wiring harness
    - EDIS parts for Megasquirt (crank-fired/distributorless ignition)
    • - 2 different crank pulleys
      - Trigger wheel
      - Crank sensor
      - Coil packs
      - Harness
      - Distributor delete bearing and cap
    - EFI Analytics Bluetooth Serial Adapter for Megasquirt
    - Spare left taillight, bucket lens and frame
    - Spare right taillight frame
    - 4x spare KA24E fuel injectors
    - Rear wheel bearings, nuts and seals (new)
    - Felpro L series gasket kit
    - 3x spare ARP wheel studs
    - Used spare plugs
    - Used spare plug wires
    - Used Experimental Engineering idler bushing kit
    - New Mobil oil filter
    - 2 left interior door handles
    - 1 right interior door handle
    - 1 window crank
    - Extra shim washers for penultimate crossmember
    - 3 headlamp rings
    - 1 exterior door handle, pitted
    - 1 aftermarket steering idler
    - Pair of Spicer drive shaft u-joints (new)
    - Clutch slave cylinder (new)
    - Nissan Comp header, chrome ceramic coated with WBO2 bung -- hung too low for rallying, but would be great for an L20B with some floor massaging.
    - Laguna Seca 92 dB exhaust system
    - Crusty shorty header with WBO2 bung, used temporarily
    - 3 grilles in decent shape. One painted black, one with Datsun badge, one without
    - Wavy chrome front bumper and brackets
    - Crusty silver painted rear bumper and brackets
    - Paint matched (Acura NH0) touch up paint
    - Spare half-worn front and rear brake pads
    - Piles of receipts, photos, documentation
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Re: FS: Street Legal 1972 4-door 510 EFI L18 Tarmac Rally Ca

Post by dodgydan » 16 Jan 2015 15:30

Wow! thats how you post an add. Good luck with the sale.
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Re: FS: Street Legal 1972 4-door 510 EFI L18 Tarmac Rally Ca

Post by gooned » 16 Jan 2015 21:13

You coulda detailed the ad at least :lol:

Best of luck finding a new caretaker!

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Re: FS: Street Legal 1972 4-door 510 EFI L18 Tarmac Rally Ca

Post by Idoxlr8 » 18 Jan 2015 20:08

260z owner
510 wannabe

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Re: FS: Street Legal 1972 4-door 510 EFI L18 Tarmac Rally Ca

Post by S15DET » 19 Jan 2015 07:26

Sorry to hear you have decided to sell, you've done such a great job with this build. A truly top shelf car!!

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Re: FS: Street Legal 1972 4-door 510 EFI L18 Tarmac Rally Ca

Post by Camano510 » 19 Jan 2015 09:53

I admit, that at first glance, I balked at $16.5K, but after reading the entire ad, this is a DEAL. For the right buyer, they can't do better. Best of luck with the sale.
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Re: FS: Street Legal 1972 4-door 510 EFI L18 Tarmac Rally Ca

Post by McShagger510 » 19 Jan 2015 17:57

WOW! Can't believe you're selling the 510, Derek. Lots of history with that one!! Hopefully the next owner takes as much care, pride AND STILL USE IT as you have over the years.

All the best with the sale,

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Re: FS: Street Legal 1972 4-door 510 EFI L18 Tarmac Rally Ca

Post by bertvorgon » 19 Jan 2015 19:00

hey Derek...I can only imagine how hard this may be...but, sometimes we must move on in life, so I understand!

Here is Derek's car at Boundry Bay, where we had a Team solo event, lots of fun lots of memories!
IMG_3237 (Large).JPG
IMG_3237 (Large).JPG (226.73 KiB) Viewed 11219 times
Derek's car tossing into corner.JPG
Derek's car tossing into corner.JPG (50.58 KiB) Viewed 11219 times
Boundry Bay Slalom Site.JPG
Boundry Bay Slalom Site.JPG (60.32 KiB) Viewed 11219 times
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Re: FS: Street Legal 1972 4-door 510 EFI L18 Tarmac Rally Ca

Post by Derek » 21 Jan 2015 21:21

Sold for asking price to a guy who plans on doing track days.

I'm gonna miss it.

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Re: SOLD: Street Legal 1972 4-door 510 EFI L18 Tarmac Rally

Post by S15DET » 22 Jan 2015 04:09

Great. Be sure to invite the new owner to join the Realm.

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Re: SOLD: Street Legal 1972 4-door 510 EFI L18 Tarmac Rally

Post by okayfine » 22 Jan 2015 06:34

Congrats. Now you can start planning your new project!
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Re: SOLD: Street Legal 1972 4-door 510 EFI L18 Tarmac Rally

Post by duke » 22 Jan 2015 09:16

Nice to hear that a well put together car can sell for the right price (maybe a little low IMO).

Sorry to see you part with this Derek. I always really liked this car and I really hope the new owner joins the realm so we can see its progression.
Duke Schimmer

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