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by Dave Patten
25 Apr 2019 11:15
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Topic: VTO Lemans Sale - 15x7-$165 each
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VTO Lemans Sale - 15x7-$165 each

I just got word that VTO will no longer be stocking their Lemans in a 15x7 +18 offset. This size is ideal for 510's and tal windshield Roadsters. These are available thru FutoFab at $165/wheel + S&H (cost includes lug nuts, center caps & valve stems). Our website is being updated. If the price is no...
by Dave Patten
16 Jan 2019 04:56
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Topic: FutoFab 10th Anniversary Sale, Jan 21-27, 2019
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Re: FutoFab 10th Anniversary Sale, Jan 21-27, 2019

Everyone, please take a look thru our website. We continually add items (with more to come). Latest In-stock Items: Datsun 510 Quarter Panels, 2d & 4d Reproduction Interior Door Panels, 510, 240z & 280Z High Performance 930 CV axles for Z cars. Designed for cars with high output turbo engines and V8...
by Dave Patten
15 Jan 2019 13:28
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Topic: FutoFab 10th Anniversary Sale, Jan 21-27, 2019
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FutoFab 10th Anniversary Sale, Jan 21-27, 2019

Help us celebrate our 10th year in business. FutoFab started as hobby back in the 80's with 2 guys building rollcages for their buddies. In 2009, under owner Dave Patten's guidance, FutoFab became a legit, tax paying business. Please join us in celebration of our 10th Anniversary with our sale. http...
by Dave Patten
14 Nov 2018 10:27
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Topic: NANKANG AR-1 group buy
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Re: NANKANG AR-1 group buy

I have no experience with these tires. I race locally in IT7 (for 1st gen Mazda RX7's in ITA spec). The Nitto NT01 is the spec tire. They have a 100 TW rating. What always seems to be the case with most of these 100 +/- TW tires is they run for a full season w/o any drop in lap times. They are gripp...
by Dave Patten
27 Sep 2018 12:58
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Topic: my 71’ Sedan
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Re: my 71’ Sedan

Lowering a 510 isn't a "just bolt on these parts" type of affair. There used to be aftermarket lowering springs that gave you 1" to 1.5" of drop, but these seem to be NLA. That was one simple option, but one that will not get a 510 significantly lower. There is no prefabricated kit offered that will...
by Dave Patten
27 Sep 2018 11:44
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Topic: Brake and fuel line flare type.
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Re: Brake and fuel line flare type.

I plumbed my 510 race car with cunifer tubing. This is a copper / nickel alloy that is designed for brake line use. Many European cars use it. It is easy to form (up to 2x, explained below). It flares extremely well and will not rust. When making bends, it bends easily the first time. If you need to...
by Dave Patten
19 Sep 2018 12:35
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Topic: Adjustable Rear Spring Perch
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Re: Adjustable Rear Spring Perch

I believe Specialty Engineering still sells high rate rear spring that "bolt-in" to the stock location. Some have used 3"ID off road coilover springs. They have taken an 18" spring, cut it in half to make (2) 9" springs that have one flat end and one with a pig tail for the control arm bucket. If yo...
by Dave Patten
01 Jun 2018 13:51
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Topic: Front sway bar options and issues
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Re: Front sway bar mount question

So I'm reviving the this thread. I tried to install my Futofab SR/KA sway bar and it doesn't not fit. It makes contact with the cross member. Not happy about this at all. Does anyone know of another company that makes them for a SR swap? I don't want to modify it by welding anything on my frame rai...
by Dave Patten
01 Jun 2018 10:39
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Topic: Old GT3 car
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Re: Old GT3 car

My sister had a Geo Tracker the same color.

She named it "Barnie", just saying :lol: .

Honestly I like the color. My 2nd car was a '61 VW bug that we painted the early Dodge Challenger color "Plum Crazy", just a shade or 2 lighter.
by Dave Patten
20 Apr 2018 06:13
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Topic: WTB-Interior 2d Sheet Metal under 1/4 Window
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WTB-Interior 2d Sheet Metal under 1/4 Window

I am looking for both right and left side interior sheet metal that forms the sill of the 2d rear side windows and backs-up the upholstery. Must be the complete panel including the weld flange edge. Can/should be removed by drilling out the spot welds. Also need the silver "J" trim that retains the ...
by Dave Patten
30 Mar 2018 16:21
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Topic: WTB: Datsun 510 Rear Door Handles
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Re: WTB: Datsun 510 Rear Door Handles

If you have the original rear handles the parts needed for the conversion can be pulled off them and installed on modified front handles. FutoFab has front door handles for $34.95/pair +S&H. Link -
by Dave Patten
21 Mar 2018 15:22
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Topic: Five-Hundred and Ten
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Re: Five-Hundred and Ten

Thanks for the walk-a-round video. It's always good to see panels going on and a project moving forward.

Good job!
by Dave Patten
09 Mar 2018 10:31
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Topic: Need recommendations for 195/50/15 tires
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Re: Need recommendations for 195/50/15 tires

Go to one of the online tire shops and search by size. Look around, you can buy them for $50 to $200+ each. It depends on what your needs are and what fits those needs the best. Performance tires generally are more expensive, have higher grip levels and wear out faster. Cheap tires are generally all...
by Dave Patten
17 Jan 2018 09:58
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Topic: CV Failure
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Re: CV Failure

Lou, I'll see you and the guys at the Mitty. Look for me in the paddock. I'll be racing the 510 that Todd Walrich started and I finished and raced at the 2017 SCCA Runoffs. It is the last 510 to race at the Runoffs. Looks like the 510 field will be good. Jeff Worth is planning to bring his red, whit...
by Dave Patten
17 Jan 2018 09:33
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Topic: 1971 Datsun 510 sedan track race parts car
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Re: 1971 Datsun 510 sedan track race parts car

Paul & Demo243, I have roadraced in New England with SCCA since '87. This car or the name on it I don't recall. The NARRC (North Atlantic Road Racing Championship) sticker is from an SCCA Regional series that was quite popular in its day, but has recently gone defunct. The images you took do not sho...