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by two_68_510s
22 Jan 2020 12:15
Forum: Introductions
Topic: New Member Post
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Re: New Member Post

Well howdy, looks like we may be in for a treat! Nice running start. Maybe a shot at what you did with the front end?

by two_68_510s
06 Jan 2020 20:25
Forum: Non PL510 Projects
Topic: Building a Morgan 3-Wheeler Replica
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Re: Building a Morgan 3-Wheeler Replica

Still cool.
by two_68_510s
17 Dec 2019 19:50
Forum: Introductions
Topic: BLUE - 68DAT
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Re: BLUE - 68DAT

Very nice looking car. Sticking with the l-series? I have couple of 2 doors, doing the l series in one now (If you count now as the last 10 years!) Welcome, more pics please.
by two_68_510s
25 Oct 2019 10:32
Forum: Featured Project Builds
Topic: Spriso's SR20DET Bluebird Coupe Project
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Re: Spriso's SR20DET Bluebird Coupe Project

Michael, thanks for the comprehensive documentation.
by two_68_510s
24 Oct 2019 14:25
Forum: Introductions
Topic: Hello All
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Re: Hello All

Cool, nice that it still runs, a little cleaning and off you go. Welcome
by two_68_510s
22 Oct 2019 11:13
Forum: Body & Electrical
Topic: Dash Mounted Speaker
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Re: Dash Mounted Speaker

Over here in Santa Cruz there is a company that recones speakers all the time for the music industry. They also can get creative. I am sure you have the same support up there for musicians. Check it out. It would be nice to use the original frame etc.
by two_68_510s
07 Oct 2019 14:50
Forum: Not Datsun/Nissan related?
Topic: Binky!
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Re: Binky!

Mattndew76 wrote:
07 Oct 2019 10:28
I offered to make some parts for these guys.

I was asked to help on the next project. Cant wait.
Fantastic, that will be a blast!
by two_68_510s
06 Oct 2019 13:06
Forum: General & Technical
Topic: Nissan teaches robots how to do metal bumping.
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Re: Nissan teaches robots how to do metal bumping.

datzenmike wrote:
05 Oct 2019 13:02
2 710 fenders please.
Yes, I wonder what the price would be with no tooling? Now, they have to teach it the shape, but I used a laser scanner years ago to model the inside of spaces, so nowadays must be a piece of cake!
by two_68_510s
06 Oct 2019 13:04
Forum: Featured Project Builds
Topic: Whitebird
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Re: Whitebird

okayfine wrote:
05 Oct 2019 08:59
Whitebird on BAT. Will be interesting to see what it goes for in 2019.

My sale: ... =whitebird
Looks like a bargain to me, howdy Julian!
by two_68_510s
02 Oct 2019 01:40
Forum: Introductions
Topic: Hello
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Re: Hello

Howdy Captain. Welcome. What kind of build on you doing on the engine?